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As part of our community's ongoing effort to reduce fresh water use, the HRB has coordinated a group discount program for toilet replacement, through Parzival Plumbing, the most frequently recommended plumber in a UHills listserv request for recommendations earlier this summer.  

Full details on the program (and a signup link) are available here:

As is explained in more detail on the website, pricing will depend on the number of installations signed up for during the enrollment period, which runs through October 19, 2015.  
Since toilets account for roughly 1/4 of residential indoor water use, upgrading to more efficient fixtures can result in significant water savings, particularly if your home has older toilets, or if they often require multiple flushes.  Upgrading is a major investment, and sorting through all the different options can be daunting.  We hope that by identifying a short list of choices that are professionally recommended (based on performance, value, and long-term serviceability), and by establishing clear "bottom line" pricing, this will simplify the process for homeowners interested in lowering their water use.
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