Neighbors —

In response to continued requests by residents and by the HRB, ICHA is commissioning two interrelated studies of traffic issues (including foot, bike, and car traffic) in the next few months.  A civil engineering consultant (CEC) will identify areas that are not up to code, and areas where improvements can enhance safety, in order to generate a prioritized list of recommendations.  In parallel, the non-profit "Safe Routes to School" organization (SRTS) will conduct a broader analysis of pedestrian, bike, and vehicle "conflict" areas throughout University Hills (for example, identifying places where sidewalks are too narrow, bus stops are poorly located, street crossings are hazardous, etc.).

A small task force of residents is needed to collaborate with these organizations to define the scope of the studies, help collect and synthesize input from the larger community, and assist ICHA in prioritizing the implementation of recommendations.

If you would be interested in serving on the University Hills Traffic Task Force (UHTTF), please email Steve Cauffman, HRB chair, at, describing your interest, your street address, and any relevant qualifications (you don't need to be a traffic engineer or urban planner, but if you are, do tell us!).  We are hoping for about 5-8 volunteers, ideally with combined familiarity covering all areas of the neighborhood.

The anticipated process:


* Informational presentation to community on traffic calming concepts (led by SRTS)
* Initial task force meeting (UHTTF + CEC + SRTS)
  — discuss general areas of concern, define project scope
  — develop questionnaire to solicit broad community input
     —– problem areas we might not have thought of
     —– suggested improvements
     —– prioritize goals (e.g. traffic calming, commute speed, bikeways, enforcement)

* Community-wide survey (designed with SRTS assistance)
* Walking Audits throughout community.

* Review survey results.
* CEC performs civil engineering assessment.

* SRTS prepares action plan in coordination with CEC.

* UHTTF reviews reports & works with ICHA on priority list for implementing action plan,

and establishing appropriate timelines for implementation.
Best regards,
ICHA and Your HRB