UHills HRB needs volunteers to serve on the Activities Committee (formerly Entertainment Committee).  Since Victoire Figotin, one of the most energetic members, is leaving the community, there are three of us left on the Committee - Julia Wan, Sandrine Scherson and Jeff Beckwith.  We need at least two more people for the Committee.  Time commitment is generally one meeting per month plus additional meetings for events planning and attendance.  Other volunteers who are not a regular member of the Committee have assumed responsibilities for specific events such as Movies in the Park.

During the past year, HRB had provided a modest budget for the following activites:  Swing Band concert, Fall Fiesta, Movies in the Park, Halloween party, Holiday Bazaar, Santa's visit, New Year's Eve party, Valentine party, Arts and Music Festival, Lecture on UCI Preserve, etc. We hope UHills residents have enjoyed these activities and support their continuation.  

If we do not have enough volunteers for the Activities Committee and people to take responsibility for organizing special events, these social activities will not take place in the future.

Please let us hear from you if you are interested in serving on the Activities Committee, volunteering for specific events or if you have questions.

Julia Wan, Chair juliawan1@gmail.com
HRB Activities Committee