Join the University Hills Transportation Task Force, ICHA, and our transportation consultants on walking audits of University Hills!

On January 24th , 26th , and 28th , we will be holding walks around the community to observe our roads and walking paths. During each walking audit, you will have the opportunity to document the current safety and functionality of our streets and walkways, and talk to our consultants about potential improvements. We will meet at a designated spot and walk as a group along the route, stopping along the way for discussion.  Residents are invited to join one or more of the walking audits. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring water if desired. Clipboards with maps and pens will be provided.

The routes are shown on the attached map.  The starting points for each loop are as follows:

January 24th (Tuesday)

Route A (Green) – Los Trancos Dr. and Vista Bonita Dr. at 3:30 pm

Route B (Cyan) – Vista Bonita Dr. at entrance to Vista Bonita Park at 4:30 pm

January 26th (Thursday)

Route C (Orange) – Gabrielino Dr. and Vista Bonita Dr. at 3:30 pm

Route D (Red) – Vista Bonita Dr. and Owen Ct. at 4:30 pm

January 28th (Saturday)

Route E (Blue) – California Ave. and Gabrielino Dr. at 2:00 pm

Route F (Magenta) – California Ave. near Gabrielino (across from Dog Park) at 3:00 pm

You may wish to sign up for routes A&B, C&D, or E&F, which form larger contiguous loops, or you can sign up for individual smaller loops if you prefer a shorter walk.

Space is limited, so please sign up at: 

If you have questions, please contact