Contractor Company: Pence Electric
Contractor License: 946571
Contractor Phone: 949-887-3611
Contractor Email:
Contractor Referred By: Lu Forrest
Contractor Referred By Phone: 949-836-1621
Contractor Other Info: Scott worked in UCI facilities and does extra electrical work currently through his own company. I had him install TV mounts and wire stereos also ceiling fans and lighting. Very good work. Works with Chris Lacy also from facilities and he is more or less doing handyman type work drywall, tile, painting. He did a great job of drywall for us. My e-mail is


  1. Scott Pence

    We called Scott after reading the above recommendation.  I would highly recommend him.  He was reasonably priced, came out the same day, and fixed the problem.  He was also friendly and very knowledgeable on the phone as well as in person. 

  2. I also recommend Scott

    Scott recently installed two ceiling fans for us in bedrooms with no existing light fixtures which required quite a bit of work to snake the wires from the power source, install the box for each fixture in the ceiling, etc.

    He did a bang-up job. He was efficient, cleaned up after himself, and the cost was very reasonable.

    He's also very personable.

    He is fully licensed and insured.

    Email me at if you have specific questions about the work he did for us.


  3. I also recommend Scott

    I contacted Scott after I had trouble replacing low energy recessed lighting in my kitchen. He came out the same day and had the problem fixed in about 30 minutes. He was friendly, inexpensive and easy to deal with. He indicated that he was giving up his job at UCI to focus on his own business. I recommend him highly.

  4. I also highly recommend Scott. We used him to install outdoor motion lights, indoor garage lights, indoor bathroom fans, and a high voltage line for an electric vehicle. He is super easy to work with, high quality work and willing to take on tough jobs.

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