Contractor Company: self
Contractor License: self
Contractor Phone: 9496973725
Contractor Referred By: Rossella Santagata
Contractor Referred By Phone: 9498242424

Victor Williams (949 697 3725) solved a very difficult problem in our phase I house.  One of the electrical circuits in the upstairs bedrooms went dead and no one could figure out where the problem was located.  Victor, calmly and detective-like, traced all possible affected lines (including through the attic), figured out the configuration, found the unattached wire, and solved the problem.  The pricing was very fair, because  Victor worked alone and pursued the wiring puzzle he eventually solved, much more out of professional interest and stick-to-it-ness than hunger to make extra profit.  We were in a jam and Victor helped us out.  He was here for hours and was informative and pleasant.   Highest recommendation.

Rossella Santagata


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