In September, a University Hills resident was extracted from his home at gunpoint by five UCIPD officers who believed they were responding to a burglary in progress. This has sparked concern over the procedures employed in such situations, our expectations of law enforcement, and the ways that neighbors interact with each other.

The police department assures us that they are committed to fostering a healthy relationship with our community, and has agreed to participate in discussions about general police procedures and ways to foster better mutual understanding.  Because they are in the process of an official investigation into the incident described above, however, they are unable to comment publicly about specifics related to the incident in September.  It is unclear how long that investigation will take, but it could be protracted.

We held an intra-community forum on December 7th, to discuss the community's concerns about neighborhood policing, and the ways that implicit bias can affect our perceptions.  Concerns and questions for the UCIPD were generated, in preparation for the second forum, which is scheduled for this Sunday.

***** Community/Police Forum *****
This forum will include presentations on mechanisms of police accountability, and on policies and procedures employed by the UCI Police Department.  Community members and police department representatives will discuss topics identified during the previous forum, and collaborate to identify ways to improve mutual understanding of priorities, expectations, and procedures. This forum will be held from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday, December 13, at the University Hills Community Center, in the Community Room.  Cookies and coffee will be served. Please RSVP to assist us with planning for food, seating, etc.

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