Attendees: Jeff Beckwith, Steve Cauffman, Sandrine Biziaux, Mike McNally, Ginny Mumm, Michele Walot, Julia Wan, Ron Reid, Andrew Herndon, Barbara Taborek, Victor Van Zandt

The HRB Board was provided a tour of the new Area 10-3 construction site led by Victor VanZandt and Andrew Herndon that included visual review of the housing areas, pocket park and the 1 acre pool park and adjoining observatory site. Discussion included the development of the remaining two residential parcels and review of the adjoining UCI land for future graduate and undergraduate housing.

The Board reconvened in the meeting room where Victor displayed and elaborated on the conceptual recreation facility plans and designs. When asked about schedule of installations, tentative dates were established for the housing and recreation areas as follows: Area 10-3 homes will be available for move in beginning August through October 2014. (The Pocket Park completion tentatively Fall of 2014). First Phase of Area 10-2 move-ins August 2015. Second Phase of Area 10-2 move-ins August 2016. Townhome Apartments (Area 10-4) move-ins February 2016 and the One Acre Pool Park Tentatively Fall 2016 contingent on budget.

HRB elections: With no new candidate nominations received, Mike McNally agreed to an appointment to fill the one year seat vacancy. Barbara Taborek, a previous HRB member from 2001, agreed to be appointed to the board for a two year term. Both parties were thanked for their volunteer spirit and were welcomed to the Board. Jeff Beckwith, Julia Wan, and Ginny Mumm’s terms are expiring and they have chosen not to run. Two empty seats remain and each Board member was requested to consider recruiting neighbors for the vacancies. Jeff, Julia and Ginny were thanked by the Board for their years of generous service to their community. It was noted that Jeff has served on and off the Board for at least eight years. A small gift of thanks was presented to each of them on behalf of the community.

The next topic included general discussion on the Community Center use and the various types of activities / and rentals over the last year. The new Board members were advised of previously adopted use polices that would allow 24 non-residential uses (non-U Hills resident) / reservation /yr. Without this restriction, the facilities would be overrun with non-U Hills users. There was general discussion on the HRB’s support for a new yoga class for children (6 week trail session). Details still in process. The Board approved a six month trial session for a U Hills based Toastmasters Club to be led by a UHills resident.

There was discussion concerning an inquiry to have informal dog agility classes and Steve is seeking more details.

Sandrine presented a proposed UHills entertainment opportunity involving artists in residence who have offered to perform a classical concert for the neighborhood featuring the playing of a 17th Century Stradivarius violin and accompanying piano . Kevin Kwan Loucks and Iryna Krechkovsky would perform either at the Community Center or possibly at the U Club as there is a piano available there. Dates and other conditions to be researched for the March meeting.

This summer the HRB will again sponsor the “Lounge Chair Theater /Movies in the Park” program. ICHA has reserved Friday evening dates for June 27, July 25, and August 22 (Annual U Hills Camp-out at Gabrielino Community Park). A movie associated with the annual Halloween party is also anticipated.

The Footnotes musical group from Uni. High has requested the use of the Community Center to hold a kids’ jam session. More details to come.

The HRB extended their thanks to two Eagle Scouts, Eric Mumm and Nick Famiglietti, who have built kiosks for our community at the entrances to the wildlife preserve.

There was discussion on possibly moving the stop sign at Whistler Court and California to Owen Drive and California. Board members were asked to inspect the intersections for future discussion.