May 3, 2016 HRB Monthly Meeting Minutes

Attendance: HRB members: Sandrine Scherson (acting Chair), Hobart Taylor, Richard Haier, Sabine Kunrath, Bill Schmitendorf, Brad Conley. ICHA: Andrew Herndon, Victor Van Zandt. Excused: Steve Cauffman, Chair.

Guests: Chief Cisneros, Acting Captain Reiss, Sergeant Acuna (UCI PD).

Meeting began about 4:10, immediately after conclusion of entertainment committee meeting.

4:10 Victor Van Zandt Area 11 Presentation and Discussion.

HRB thanks Victor Van Zandt for tours of Alturas and a recently constructed home on Coltrane.

Victor presented on Area 11, using large printouts of the approved plan to explain ICHA’s rationale for the current design. He explained ICHA’s directive from UCI (more housing, especially for new recruits; more density) and ICHA’s philosophy (affordable housing; best livability possible for unique community; meeting housing needs for several different types and ages of residents).

Victor’s presentation and the subsequent discussion with the board was packed with information. Some facts: about 70% of faculty live in University Hills; currently there are 1,066 homes in UHills; annual turnover of homes averages about 3%. UCI wants more density in Area 11, especially since it’s the final piece of land available for UHills (under the current campus plan). Houses are cheaper in UHills than elsewhere in Irvine because the cost is based on construction costs (and not land costs): this is a major disincentive for ICHA to build multi-unit and high-rise structures (which seem like logical ways to satisfy UCI priorities for affordable housing and density). Victor educated the board on not-so-obvious things ICHA must consider when planning housing construction.

HRB previously expressed concerns that Areas 10 & 11 have less common/park space than previous phases, and less than City of Irvine standards. Victor’s presentation gave the board sufficient context to consider possible options for common/park space, given UCI’s priorities for the phase, and ICHA’s goals for the phase (and UHills generally). He said that while the plan is approved, there is still time (months) to modify portions of the plan. UCI’s & ICHA’s goal for Area 11 move in is Fall 2017.

Victor told HRB that the Provost’s office is considering formulating a home-swapping policy in University Hills. The conversation is in the early stages and currently has no specific timeline.

4:45 Dispute Resolution.

Reviewed why HRB is considering: 1) dispute resolution, generally; and 2) whether to join a dispute resolution committee (with ICHA board & ICHA management), specifically. Discussed questions and concerns in a wide-ranging discussion. Did not reach a final decision, but got a better sense of members’ views, narrowed the extant issues, and agreed in the coming month to work toward a product the board would endorse, giving direction to Rich and Brad as the HRB representatives.

Finally, dispute resolution was considered under the more broad topic of HRB’s relationship with the ICHA board, including suggestions: that an additional HRB member attend ICHA meetings; ICHA member(s) attend HRB meetings; common retreats; town halls; etc.

5:30 Traffic

Discussed traffic, the horrific April 23 crash at California & Anteater, and “traffic calming.” HRB voted to formally request that ICHA commission a thorough traffic engineering review to identify ways of calming traffic along our main arteries.

5:45 UCI Police Presentation and Discussion

UCI Police Chief Cisneros, with Acting Captain Reiss and Sergeant Acuna (UCI alumnus), updated HRB on several police issues and answered questions. [Sergeant Acuna and Sergeant Sloan (not present) are Zone Captains for University Hills.]

As a small traffic study, UCI police stopped 18 cars for stop-sign violations, citing 4. Members expressed surprise there weren’t more. Consistent with police policy to “educate first; enforce second”, UCI police made about 2,200 traffic stops in 2015, citing about 400. Police approved Andrew’s offer to paint “stop ahead” at the approach to problem intersections (now, before any traffic study). Police are considering a motorcycle for UHills traffic education/enforcement.

The police investigation of the April 23 crash at California & Anteater concluded: An at-fault North Hollywood driver (on Anteater) was full-speed, didn’t see the stop-sign (looking at GPS), and crashed into a UHills resident driver (on California) going 3 MPH after coming to complete stop at the 4-way stop. Injuries were sustained. Officers said there was nothing the resident could have done to avoid the crash.

Chief Cisneros said UCI police wants to be a part of the community (“be at the table”); police want to participate community events. They will participate, where appropriate, in any and all community events; they would like to attend summer movie nights at the park, perhaps bringing a police car to the park for children to explore.

Chief Cisneros asked what HRB thought about expanding the Community Service Officer (CSO) program to UHills neighborhoods; HRB likes the idea and will consider it further at a future meeting.

UCI Police favor both “restorative justice” (certain practices that help bring police—and the communities they serve—together) and “procedural justice” (whose goal is to give voice to all parties in an impartial, fair, and transparent manner). Chief Cisneros and Acting Captain Reiss mentioned successful exercises in Long Beach and Anaheim with OC Human Relations (Rusty Kennedy) and Embassy Consulting (Joseph Levy).

Implicit bias training for UCI police is scheduled for August.

Chief Cisneros understands California law (California Penal Code §832.7) to preclude publication of the (now official) report on the September 1st, 2015 incident. Chief Cisneros said there were 5 allegations, but none were “sustained” (all five were either “not sustained, exonerated, or unfounded”). HRB requested a copy of the independent investigation; Chief Cisneros recommended that the request go through the PRO (Public Record Office).

6:30 Miscellaneous.

Andrew is considering whether, and how, to improve and update HRB and ICHA databases. Brad suggested he might be able to help, and if so, is willing to do so.

Hobart displayed a mock brochure that he suggested be printed and distributed to residents annually; it would contain vital phone numbers and websites, neighbors’ names and numbers, important community event dates, and more. Members were impressed and supported considering it further.

6:45 Meeting Adjourned

Prepared by Brad Conley, Secretary.