Movie and Campout Night: approximately 200 turned out for the event.  A treasure hunt and making S’mores were some of the activities.  The movie was Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Fall Fiesta: the Fall Fiesta will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2012 from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the Gabrielino soccer field.  Tacos and Co. will provide Mexican food, Gina’s will cater pizza, and fruit bars will be served.  A roast corn on the cob stand will be added this year.  A coffee cart will also be provided.  The event will serve water. Residents are encouraged to bring their own beverages.  This year’s event will include a DJ and dance instructor, two bounce houses, and 6 large inflatable balls for children and adults to use.

Mindfulness Meditation: a request to use the community center for a mindfulness meditation class was approved by the HRB.  The instructor will have to meet all community guidelines for starting her class.

UCI Author Series:  A request to use the community center for the UCI Author Series was denied by the board.  The HRB felt that it was essential that this event be held on the campus.

Soccer Field: A complaint regarding the use of the soccer field was received.  There is a reservation system online at the University Hills website for signing up to reserve the field.  This system can also be accessed by smart phones.  You can make no more than two reservations per week.   If you have reason to believe a non-resident group is using the field illegally, call the campus police at 824-5223.

Trees on Frost and Fuertes: After contact by several residents of Frost, two residents attended the meeting and requested that the HRB intercede with ICHA to initiate a process to replace trees on these streets that have not flourished.  The HRB viewed photos of the trees and agreed to support this request.  HRB members Julia Wan and Jeff Beckwith will accompany Andrew Herndon and two residents on a walk about as soon as one can be scheduled.

Native American Meeting:  A request to waive the fees for community center use by a campus and Native American group was denied.  This event fell under the guidelines for non-community use.  If the group decides to use the community center, they will pay the normal fee structure for non-resident use.

Tennis Courts:  Tennis courts do not have a reservation system in place at this time.  Use is on a first come, first serve basis.  A complaint was received of four players who feel they have standing use of the courts at a given time.  This is not correct.  The HRB received a request to reset the timers in use from 45 to 60 minutes.  The HRB approved the request.

Swimming Pool Committee: A swimming pool committee has been formed by the HRB.  Five individuals have volunteered for the committee.  If you would like to participate, please contact any member of the HRB or join us at the first meeting on October 10 at 5:00 p.m. in the conference room of the community center.

Community Development

Community Update

·         The HRB community-wide Fall Fiesta is scheduled for Sunday afternoon September 16th at the Gabrielino Community Park. All Board members are invited. See Andrew for additional information.


·         HRB and ICHA hosted the last of the four City of Irvine Recreation Department “Lounge Chair Theater” outdoor movies scheduled for this summer. The Secret Garden was shown on September 7th. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was shown on August 10th and approximately 300 residents attended. A number of residents participated in the overnight camp‐out and bonfire at the park that was a part of the movie program.

·         Management will coordinate an overflow parking plan for University Montessori events. This plan is an attempt to quell resident discontent during large activities at the school that result in vehicular spillover into the neighboring streets and cul‐de‐sacs. UCI Police and Montessori representatives have agreed on the plan which will be supervised by Parking and Transportation Services.

·         Management will help the HRB configure several advisory groups to assist with resolving general issues involving the pools and tennis court use. With the increase of recreational enthusiasts due to community growth, use rules and operational activities will be reviewed and addressed. New signs, operational protocols and posting opportunities will be discussed. Recommendations will be brought back to the community board for endorsement and ICHA implementation.

Community Maintenance

·         Work Completed:

–   An additional 100 cubic yards of green waste compost for resident use was dropped at the community center in August and disappeared in three days.

–   An automated pool chemical distribution system failed prematurely at the Gabrielino pool and will be replaced with an updated unit. This component was replaced using reserve funds.

–   Miscellaneous light fixtures were replaced across the Hill.

–   Various trees were removed in response to resident requests and as part of ICHA’s regular maintenance program.

·         Work in Progress:

–   A large landscaped screen hedge will be installed between a Las Lomas apartment buildings and the adjoining Los Trancos pool playground for privacy screening. The plant material will be verified as “child safe” due to the closeness to the adjoining playground

–   Various summer landscape restoration projects are in process.

–   All 3 pool trellises, fences and buildings as well as the trellises on Mistral Lane, Vista Bonita Park, and Agave Park are scheduled for painting either this month or in October.

–   Proposals for trellis improvements at the Garden Park are in process. The new design will be approved by the HRB before the project is implemented.


Architectural Control

·         Approved

–   1 painting application in Phase 3

–   1 solar installation in Phase 7

–   2 landscape installations in Area 10‐1

–   1 sunroom installation in Phase 1

–   1 spa for a Phase 9‐3 home


–   Management will review exterior components associated with SoCal Edison’s ISGD Zero Net Energy program. Solar panels, window replacements, community battery placements, and general infrastructure modifications will all be reviewed for aesthetic consideration prior to installation.