UPDATE 9/6/2016:  Survey is closed.  Thank you to all who participated.

See: http://www.uhills.org/news/2016/09/dog-park-survey-results


Dear Resident,

Dog owners in University Hills are fortunate to have the Indy 500 Dog Run (located adjacent to Gabrielino Community Park, along California Avenue) to allow off-leash exercise and socialization for our canine companions.

The HRB recently received a request to establish “small dogs only” access times for the dog park because some smaller breeds are too fearful to play in or enter the park when larger dogs are present, and because walking a small dog at night can be stressful due to fear of coyotes.  There are several possible solutions, all with pros and cons.  Before discussing the issue further, however, the HRB wishes to obtain feedback from dog owners.  

If you are a dog owner, please complete our brief survey: https://goo.gl/forms/Yb9dsLlB2OaPZI8k1

To clarify: The purpose of the survey is to help us understand opinions and concerns on this subject.  Although we are interested in gauging the level of agreement or disagreement with various options, this survey is neither a ballot nor a "majority wins" poll.   We hope to identify possible improvements and balance the needs of all residents fairly.   

Responses will be collected anonymously, but may be published, so if you wish to remain anonymous, do not reveal your identity in your responses.  As a courtesy, we request that you only submit one response per household, and only participate if you are a current University Hills resident.  A summary of results will be posted at uhills.org after the survey period.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Steve  Cauffman

Chair, HRB