1. There are a lot of unnecessary stop signs. Many of the three way stops could be mad einto 2 way stops and many stop signs in the middle of a long road should be changed to yield signs.

  2. While I appreciate the help from the UCI Police department, we do not need more stop signs and slowing of traffic. Three way stops should be abolished into 2 way stops. Stops for no reason on California other than for slowing traffic need to be pulled out. Yield signs need to be put in place. I will say that Gabrielino and Russell intersection does need cross walk lines painted.

  3. Now when I try to exit the Bubble in the morning there is a newly inflicted team of student traffic directors at Anteater and California. They are inept and delay unnecessarily the flow of traffic on an intersection which provides one of a few exits from Uni Hills. Housing planning, traffic planning, street completion have all been arranged based on the concept that no one needs to get off the hill. The pending opening of the student apartments at California and Campus will further complicate the traffic flow.

  4. We need more speed controls at the end of Los Trancos Drive. People from (upper) Uhills speed down that road (especially when there is green light) putting us (residents of Las Lomas) into danger!

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