Welcome to University Hills

About UHills

History of UHills

1965: The UCI campus opens

1982: Completion of Las Lomas rental property

1985: Completion if the first phase

2021: Completion of the last phase

Welcome to the Faculty and Staff Housing at UCI

Irvine Campus Housing Authority (ICHA) was created by the Regents of the University of California to develop and maintain University Hills, the for-sale and rental housing community on the campus of The University of California, Irvine (UCI). In the 35 years of its existence, University Hills has become an innovative model for other university employee housing programs.


University Hills was created as an academic community in residence to provide affordable housing to eligible full-time employees. It is within walking distance of Irvine shopping, restaurants and entertainment, as well as campus academic and athletic activities and neighborhood recreational amenities. The community has four apartment communities, two condominium associations, townhomes, paired homes, single family detached homes and a few custom homes.

The housing program is governed by a Board of Directors. Each condominium association has its own Board of Directors, and there is a Homeowners’ Representative Board (HRB) advisory to the ICHA Board.

https://icha.uci.edu https://uhills.org/icha-phone-numbers/


What is the HRB?

The Homeowners Representative Board (HRB) is an elected body of volunteer residents. The HRB advises Irvine Campus Housing Authority on community matters and advocates on behalf of fellow residents and helps to build community. https://uhills.org/what-is-the-hrb-2/

Get Involved in Your Community

HRB Committees:

Welcoming and Wellness



Uhills Groups:

Community Safety and Diversity Working Group

Narwhals Swim Team

OC Goes Solar

HOOT (web page is coming soon)

Anthill Village Community Garden (AVCG)

What’s Here?

The Community Center

1083 California Avenue Irvine, CA 92617
Hours: M-F 8am-8pm/Sat-Sun 10am-8pm
TV, Video, Audio Available
Facilities Rental: uhills.org under MAKE A RESERVATION/FACILITIES  see a video how-to

Sports Courts and Fields

Picnic Areas

More Amenities:
View our interactive recreation map and photos

  • 302 Acres
  • 1,200+ for-sale homes
  • 400+ apartments
  • 4 Pools
  • 4 Parks
  • 4 Playgrounds
  • 5 Barbeque and Picnic Areas
  • 6 Green Spaces
  • 63 Acres of Ecological Preserve
  • 2 Basketball Courts,
  • 1 Soccer Field
  • Community Center University Hills Map

UCI Campus Map Nature Preserve Map

What’s Happening

Events Calendar https://uhills.org/events/ Ongoing Adult Activities Children’s Activities

All-Ages Craft Club description and schedule Kids’ Item Exchange description and schedule

More Activities


You Can Make a Difference Run for the HRB Attend CSD Meetings

Recommend events and volunteer

Start your wond activity based on your interests and talents



Gas & Electric


Cable TV



  • Water is billed on the ICHA bill. For questions on the ICHA bill, call 949 824-8708. The providing agency is

Irvine Ranch Water District.





Waste Management Residential Services https://www.wm.com/location/california/orange-county/irvine/residential/index.jsp

Email: wmservice@wm.com Phone: (800) 596-7444




Saturday Farmers Market in Mariners Church Parking Lot https://www.ocfarmbureau.org/

University Town Center https://www.shopirvinecompany.com/centers/irvine/university-center


Childcare Options

Neighborhood Schools (Lilli has a spreadsheet to insert here)


University Hills Email Lists for Residents

There are two main email list options for residents wishing to stay engaged with community events:

  • uhills@unihills.org is the primary list, to which any resident may subscribe, and to which any subscriber may post. It is used by its members to advertise giveaways and events, ask for advice, and discuss community-related (It generally yields many posts per day, so many subscribers set up filters in their mail clients. You can also choose to receive posts in “digest” mode.)
  • uhills-announcements@unihills.org is an “announcement-only” list, which does not accept posts, except from authorized ICHA and HRB representatives. Residents who wish to receive announcements about community events, and other official updates from these entities, but do not want to receive posts from





neighbors, can subscribe to this list instead of the primary “uhills” list. This list is a “low-traffic” list, and will typically generate one or two messages per week.

  • Official announcements from ICHA and HRB will be sent to BOTH lists, so you do not need to subscribe to both. (Doing so may result in receiving duplicate messages.) Also, please note that if you “reply-all” to announcement messages, your reply will be posted to the “uhills” list (if you are a member), but will be rejected by the “uhills-announcements” list (unless you happen to be an authorized ICHA/HRB representative).


Additional lists:

There is also a list for people who want to be alerted to where the Friday Night Social Group is meeting.

Subscription management:

You can subscribe, unsubscribe, change preferences, and view list archives for any of these lists by visiting:




Homeowner Information



Safety in University Hills

Zot alerts https://www.oit.uci.edu/zotalert/ Emergency Info


UCI Police I will ask Sgrt Harding what the Chief would like here

911 (For immediate response)

UCI Police

(949) 824-5223 Poison Control

(800) 222-1222 Animal Services

(949) 724-7092 ICHA

(949) 824-2424 ICHA After Hours

(949) 824-7044





Pets and Wildlife in the Hills

University Hills is a great place for pets. The Indy 500 Dog Park on California is a lovely resource for socializing your dog. A Small Dog Park located adjacent to the existing Indy 500 Dog Park opened for business in February, 2019. The City of Irvine runs a no kill shelter next to the Central Bark, the City-run dog park.

Newport Beach Civic Center Dog Park is located across the street from Newport Beach Civic Center. There is street parking and artificial turf.

If you are looking for something a bit more wild, Laguna Beach has a beautiful dog park located in Laguna Canyon. There is metered parking on the street.

Huntington Beach Dog Beach is a place where you and your canine can enjoy surf and sand. There is metered parking off PCH.

The City of Irvine offers pet licensing and pet care, pet finding and adoption services.

Please note that it is illegal to walk your dog off leash, especially in the ecological preserve, where nesting birds and a fragile ecosystem has developed together.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adoption. Local pet stores run adoption events on a regular basis. A locally run foster and rescue service, Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets. is a great resource for anyone looking to adopt a pet.



Pet owners should be aware of the presence of coyotes in our neighborhoods. These animals tend to avoid human contact, but have been known, especially under the drought conditions of the past five years to go after domestic animals. All cats and dogs should be kept indoors at night. Here is information from the city of Irvine about avoiding coyote conflicts.

University Hills has been home to a number of bobcats and kittens. These animals avoid human contact and have been under pressure because of the rapid development of open spaces in our area. Mountain lions have all but disappeared from our area. Here is some information about living with wild animals.

http://www.irconservancy.org/landmarks-blog/all-about-bobcats City of Irvine





Anticoagulant Rodenticide and Your Pets


University Hills is home to the Norwegian roof rat, a large rodent who nests in trees, attics and in the winter months in cars. ICHA is not using anticoagulant rodenticides, but private use of this form of pest control is not regulated. Please be aware of how dangerous these pesticides are for area wildlife and for your pets who might ingest the poison directly or indirectly through the hunting of sickened rodents.

Pest control infographic Pesticides/Herbicides

The City of Irvine has become Southern California’s first non-toxic city by adopting a non-toxic pest management program in 2016. The non-profit organization Non-Toxic Irvine is spearheading these efforts. University Hills tries to mirror this effort to be free from conventional pesticides and herbicides that may be hurting sensitive residents and the planet. Our public spaces have been maintained manually (no glyphosate has been used since June 2016).

For more information please e-mail sustainability@uhills.org

Community Engagement With the University


New Swan

Humanities Center https://www.humanities.uci.edu/humanitiescenter/about/message.php