Message From the HRB About Bike Lanes

It has come to the attention of the HRB that some residents are concerned about the replacement of dedicated bike lanes on some of our streets. While information about these changes was provided in detail to the community in the Transportation Study and in Task Force Recommendation Progress Reports emailed to all residents, the HRB is sensitive to their concerns. HRB Chair Hobart Taylor will be meeting with representatives from the University Hills Transportation Task Force (UHTTF) and ICHA President and CEO Victor Van Zandt to evaluate the current implementation of the task force recommendations. The HRB would like to express its gratitude to ICHA and the members of the task force. It also would like to recognize that ICHA, in cooperation with the UHTTF, conducted extensive community outreach:

  • Transportation mapping at the 2016 Fall Fiesta
  • Online Wikimapping
  • Community Walk Audits (6)

Stay tuned for further developments. People who care deeply about our community and have ideas about ways to improve it are encouraged to volunteer and/or run for the HRB. Please feel free to contact the HRB directly.

University Hills Homeowners Representative Board

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