Dear University Hills community,

As promised, the University Hills Homeowners Representative Board has made a recommendation to ICHA regarding the recent street striping and elimination of bike lanes on Gabrielino Drive.

In response to concerns raised in the community about the bike lanes, ICHA and the HRB asked the engineering firm that helped draft the University Hills Transportation Study to reassess the transportation configuration along Gabrielino with a priority on pedestrians and bicycles over parking needs (see the letter sent to the community and see the most recent Engineering Recommendation Status Report.)

The engineering firm’s findings suggest opportunities for alternative transportation configurations that the HRB would like to explore. The HRB recommends the following:

  • The HRB values the recent input on the bike lanes from the community. It also recognizes the extensive community outreach that was used to develop the Transportation Study.
  • The HRB recommends additional analysis examining the current transportation configuration and also alternative configurations that would provide opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists to travel to campus more efficiently and safely. The HRB invites engaged residents to join a new HRB subcommittee being formed to address transportation alternatives. Interested parties, please send an email or sign a contact sheet that will be posted at the ICHA and HRB tables at the Fall Fiesta on October 14, 2018.
  • In the interim, residents are encouraged to explore alternate bike routes to campus.



Victor Van Zandt, ICHA CEO & President

Hobart Taylor, HRB Chair

Please click the links below to view the materials referenced above:

University Hills Transportation Study

Appendix: Report Data

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