Gateway Park Tennis Court

The new tennis court (located in Gateway Park, at Coltrane Court and Angelou Street) features a True Blue Plexipave (medium pace) acrylic court surface with light green outer court and…


CC-Community Room

Community Room The main room has 48′ x 28′ of usable interior space. It features a full service kitchen and flat-screen video display. The use area may be significantly enlarged…


CC-Media Room/Lounge

Social Center (Media Room/Lounge) This building and its two rooms are always reserved together. The Media Room has a 100″ screen, a digital projector, a universal player, an iPod dock,…


Vista Bonita Picnic Terrace

Vista Bonita Terrace is a shaded cement terrace adjacent to the Vista Bonita playground and field.  There are no barbecue facilities at this location, but there are several picnic tables,…


Vista Bonita Field

The Vista Bonita Field is a large grassy area with a baseball backstop and small-size soccer goals.

BBQ-Urey Pool/Playground Barbecue

A single barbecue is located outside the pool, adjacent to the childrens’ tot lot. A picnic table is located adjacent to the barbecue.

Urey Pool Terrace Area

This patio terrace is located within the Urey Pool fence, and overlooks the adjacent tennis courts and pool. It includes tables and chairs.

BBQ-Los Trancos Picnic Patio

The barbecue and picnic area adjacent to the Los Trancos Pool has four grills and several tables and picnic benches, under a shade structure.

BBQ-Gabrielino Pool Picnic Area

The Gabrielino Pool Barbecue area is a small area tucked beyond the pool, near the far end of the parking lot.  There are two circular picnic tables and a small…