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HRB Minutes — May, 2014

The May 6th meeting of the HRB was called to order at 4pm. Present were Michele Walot, Sandrine Scherson, Mike McNally, Brad Conley, Barbara Taborek and Jan Fisher, who has graciously agreed to rejoin the Board after a one-year hiatus. Also present were ICHA members Andrew Herndon and Ron Reid.

Review of April Events


HRB Meeting Minutes – April 2014

The April 1st meeting was called to order at 4:10pm. Present were Steve Cauffman, Sandrine Scherson, Michele Walot, Mike McNally, Barbara Taborek, Brad Conley, and Andrew Herndon.

Steve Cauffman introduced a new HRB volunteer, Brad Conley, who was unanimously appointed to fill one of the two vacant seats on the board.  

Home Valuation


HRB Update & Call for Volunteers

March 28, 2014

University Hills Homeowners Representative Board Update

Greetings U Hills Residents, from your friends and neighbors on the HRB!

Background (What is HRB?)

The Homeowners Representative Board (HRB) is an elected* body of volunteer homeowners who serve as an intermediary between ICHA management and residents. The HRB is advisory to ICHA and its professional staff, and serves as a voice for University Hills residents on community-related issues.  (*but see below)


HRB Minutes — March, 2014

Present were Board members Steve Cauffman, Mike McNally, Sandrine Scherson, Michele Walot, Barbara Taborek, ICHA members Andrew Herndon, Ron Reid and Victor Van Zandt.

Steve Cauffman was selected the Chair of the HRB.